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As a Natural Chef, I am here to help you help yourself.  I want to give you the skills

and knowledge you need in order to live a healthier, more delicious life, every day.

  I know what a daunting task it can be to perform an overhaul on your diet, and I

am here to help guide you through the practical aspects of your commitment to

have a better life.



  • Initial meeting.  We meet and discuss your needs to see how I can best assist.

  • Pantry makeover.  Chances are, your pantry will need quite an overhaul.  I will go through your pantry with you, explain what ingredients could be harmful and why,  and suggest healthy alternatives.


  • Guided shopping trips.  Since I will probably have thrown so much information at you during the pantry makeover, I will take you shopping so you can “get to know” the grocery store and the items you should now be buying.


  • Personal cooking lessons.  Likely the most important service I provide, this is where you will learn the skills you’ll need to make your new lifestyle so much easier and more delicious!  I will teach you the tips and tricks of the trade, such as basic cooking skills (if needed), easy dairy alternatives, gluten-free baking, using healthy sugar substitutes, cooking with superfoods, etc.


  • Cooking demos.  Want to share your delicious new health discovery with friends, co-workers, or family?  Contact me to give a cooking demo, showcasing wonderful recipes and the specific health benefits of the ingredients.


  • Skype cooking lessons.  Not in my general area?  We can set up appointments to do cooking lessons long-distance.  You will receive a shopping list ahead of time – log on ready to cook up a storm!  Special pricing applies.




Click on the "Form" link in the top menu to contact me for further information about any of these services – we can incorporate any, or all of them!

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