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“I asked for Karen’s help with a few issues. I found it impossible to lose weight despite an extensive exercise regimen and a diet that even Karen said was super healthy. I also have Hashimoto’s disease, a thyroid malfunction that doctors treat with hormones that cause even more problems. Karen suggested I try a gluten free, dairy free and soy free diet, stating that it may eliminate the need for the thyroid hormones.
Her dietary suggestions made the program much easier than I first imagined and in a few months the pounds starting coming off. My energy levels were much better and I was able to discontinue my hormone medicine with no ill affects.
When I first decided to start the diet, I asked my husband if he would be interested in maintaining the same diet. Lucky for him, he said yes! It was lucky because he didn’t realize that the “chronic fatigue” he complained about often was actually a mild allergy to gluten. After a couple of weeks on the diet, he started losing weight and feeling so much energy, he started running and working out again for the first time in many years. Tracy lost over 20 pounds and continues to work out and run. Before we started on the diet, he says he all but quit trying to lose the extra weight. Now he couldn’t gain weight if he tried! Instead of looking his age, 52, he looks like he is in his early 40′s.
Yes, we spend a little more on the proper foods, but we’ve never been healthier and we’ll save more money on future doctor bills than we will ever spend on food.
Since we made our transformation, we’ve pointed many others Karen’s way for help with their diet issues. She truly listens to your needs and cares for the people she helps. She took us shopping and even cooked with us to show us new techniques for making healthier meals. If you don’t consult with Karen, you’re probably missing the opportunity to change your life for the better.”

​Mary Reed, Ave Maria, FL


​“When my doctor told me I had PCOS and hypoglycemia, I was told to follow a low-GI, high protein diet. The diagnosis alone was daunting, but radically changing my diet pushed me over the edge; it was overwhelming and, frankly, a bit scary. After scouring the internet for information, I still had a lot of questions, especially about how to make a big change like this permanent, about the Glycemic Index, and how to balance carbs in my diet. Karen was eager to help, and answered several specific questions, provided extra information, gave moral support, and helped to clarify a lot of the technical jargon for me. She made the very complicated process by which our bodies break down and process food – and how, in turn, this affects our hormones and overall health – simple and understandable. She really helped me to know what was going on in my own body, and has equipped me with the knowledge and tools that I need to be healthy, even despite health complications. Making this lifestyle change would have been very difficult without Karen’s help – thank you!!”

Megan B., San Francisco, CA


“Karen was SO HELPFUL to me – after years of suffering severe abdominal pain after eating, and doctors not knowing what was wrong with me, she was able to tell me what to cut out of my diet after a few short emails, and I immediately felt better. I have been doing really well ever since, and am no longer afraid of my food! I don’t know what I would have done without her, since it never occurred to the doctors that the problem might be external (the food I was eating) and not actually internal (my intestines). Thanks again, you are the best!”

Ani D.

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