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Chung's Frozen Foods

Now, let me make something abundantly clear.

I in no way, never, ever, rever never, to infinity and beyond, advocate eating processed, pre-made frozen meals.

They are typically full of more weird, unpronounceable ingredients than you could imagine, completely devoid of nutrients, and probably mostly not even real food.

But….shtuff happens.

Sometimes, you just DON’T HAVE TIME or energy to make sure your whole organic chicken is thawed and your grain-free flatbread is made and your onions are caramelized and your spinach is washed and made into a beautiful, healthy salad. Unfortunately, at these times, our bodies don’t go, “Oh, that’s ok friend – I know you weren’t able to make a delicious, nutritious meal for me this evening, so I’ll just wait and get hungry tomorrow when things have settled down a little bit.”‘

Twould be nice, but…not the case. Like, sometimes, you might be lying in bed with a migraine, and your husband is going to make a wonderful sweet potato shepherd’s pie for you, and watch the baby so you can sleep and regain your vision and feel like a human being again. But, just as he is dicing the sweet potatoes, about to drop them into boiling water, browning the ground beef, and thawing the vegetables, all at once he notices that someone has stuck a glass dish with a PLASTIC lid into the oven he has been preheating, burns his hand on the oven coil, hears the baby start screaming and looks over to see she is rolling in a puddle of her own poop on the carpet, AND knows if you don’t get food soon, your migraine will continue to get worse!!

PHEW. Not that THAT’S ever happened to us…

Well, folks, for times like those, when you just have to do the best you can, let me introduce you to this little guy we discovered at Wal-Mart: Chung’s Sweet and Sour Chicken, Entrees for 2

As far as frozen entrees go, I was definitely impressed with this one, or it never would have graced our freezer. It is pretty much just REAL FOOD, not a bunch of nasty chemicals and preservatives, it is GLUTEN-FREE, the container is BPA-free (which you definitely don’t see often), it has more than one-half of a shred of chicken in it, and it actually tastes really good too! All positives in my book!

See, here’s the ingredient list:

Cooked Rice (Water, Parboiled Rice, Canola Oil), Cooked Chicken (Chicken Breast Meat, Water, Potato Starch, Sugar, Salt), Water, Sugar, Pineapple, Green Bell Peppers, Red Bell Peppers, Apple Cider Vinegar, Tomato Paste, Pineapple Juice, Corn Starch, Lemon Juice, Salt.

Not too shabby, eh?? Not something I would eat every day or even often, but for those times when I am struggling just to make it through the day, I can eat this without worrying that I will get cancer or reproductive system destruction instantly. Definitely nice to have the option when you are desperate!

It even comes in a bunch of different varieties too: General Tso Chicken, Chicken Fried Rice, Pork and Chicken Fried Rice, Shrimp Fried Rice, Vegetable Fried Rice, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork, and Teriyaki Chicken. My fave so far has been the sweet and sour chicken.

Let’s get one thing straight here, though – although I may stoop to eat a frozen meal now and again (gasp!), this does NOT mean I use a microwave to heat it up. Heck to the NO. It goes in the cast iron skillet with a lid on it and gets chopped at until the brick of food falls apart and eventually cooks.

I mean, come on, a girl’s gotta draw the line SOMEWHERE, right?? ;-)

Have you found any good, fairly healthy gluten-free foods at the store recently?

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