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Icy Mint Limeade

For the edification of anyone who hasn’t experienced it or isn’t otherwise aware, being pregnant makes you HOT as the dickens. Maybe it’s that whole “there’s-an-extra-person-living-inside-you” thing, combined with the fact your hormones are crazy wacko, and the fact that it’s basically summer around these here parts. I wake up every night drenched in sweat, no matter how cold I make the house. Every single Sunday at church, I have had to leave and basically dunk my head in cold water because I get so overheated (it doesn’t help staring at all the people wearing jeans and sweaters, while I’m in my sun dress, and imagining how hot THEY must be…).

I often feel as though my environment has suddenly turned into the very surface of the sun, and there is no way to lessen the burning. Yeah…I get hot a lot. Recently though, I have discovered 2 lovely variations of a drink to cool me off, quench my near-insatiable thirst, keep me and baby hydrated, and provide some good electrolites as well. This would be great for any hot, sunny afternoon, whether you are pregnant or not :-)

Mint or Basil Icy Limeade


  • 1 peppermint tea bag, or 5 fresh basil leaves, torn

  • 2 tablespoons key lime juice, or fresh lime juice

  • 3 drops liquid stevia

  • filtered water

  • lots of ice!

  • 2 quart mason jar


  1. Place basil leaves in bottom of mason jar (if using basil).

  2. Put desired amount of ice on top.

  3. Add lime juice and stevia. Fill the jar the remainder of the way with filtered water.

  4. If making mint version, add peppermint tea bag at the end. Allow to steep until you have reached desired level of minty-ness. Enjoy the sweet, tangy, refreshing coolness!

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