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My Friend, Apple Cider Vinegar

Heya people, sorry if this is not the most exciting post ever…but I will make sure it contains at least one piece of good, helpful, potentially life-saving natural living advice! I have several other epic posts wandering around in the back of my brain and was going to write one today, but then, well, life happened.

Specifically…bad food. Or SOMETHING. So I’m not QUITE feeling up to a citation-involved post right now. After lunch, I noticed that peculiar burning queasiness setting in, and I did NOT like it. Not one bit. So, I turned to my friend, apple cider vinegar. The raw kind, with the “mother” (i.e., nasty crap) floating around in it still.

I kid you not, ladies and gents, this remedy has never failed me yet. When I was 5 months pregnant and was up all night with food poisoning from my sushi birthday lunch (yes, you can feel sorry for me), after I thought my stomach was surely empty and there could be nothing left to come up, but there still was, luckily I remembered this remedy. My mommy made it up for me (we were at their house for Christmas), and voila! No more barfy! I do have to warn you though…it is a little bit intense. I would definitely recommend holding your breath while you sip this baby.



  • 1 teaspoon raw apple cider vinegar, with the “mother” (i.e., nasty crap)

  • 8 oz filtered waterapple juice (optional, to make the concoction slightly more…palatable)


  1. Mix apple cider vinegar and water. Add a bit of apple juice if you can’t stand the hardcore stuff.

  2. Take very small sips, slowly. One round will probably do ya’, but repeat as needed. That’s all!

Definitely a good remedy to have stored in your brain. But, do make sure your stomach is actually settled down before you eat, say, beef jerky. Or else, you might have to chuck your baby at your husband in order to avoid UP-chucking all over her while nursing her. True story.

Does anyone have any other good remedies they’ve found for nausea or food poisoning?

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